Confirming a pregnancy is important, and you want results you can trust. Here at Foundations Resource Center, we provide free, medical-grade pregnancy tests that give you fast results so you can begin planning your next step.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Pregnancy tests are sensitive to a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG. The test will indicate a positive result when this hormone is detected in either blood or urine samples. If no hCG hormone is detected, the result will read negative.

When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

For the pregnancy hormone, hCG, to build and be detected by a test, it’s usually best to wait to test until the day of your expected period. Some tests are more sensitive than others, though, and can detect lower levels of hCG, so if you do not wish to wait, you can take a pregnancy test earlier. However, when testing early, please be aware there is a possibility of receiving a false negative result. If you decide to test early and do receive a negative, we recommend you also take another test at a later time.

Where Can I Go For A Free Pregnancy Test?

Here! At Foundations, we offer no-cost to you pregnancy testing. No insurance or preparation is needed. Come as you are and allow us to help you get the answers you need.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For A Result?

Your result will be provided to you the same day during your free, confidential appointment.

Here For You, Every Step of The Way.

No matter what your test reads, we are here for you. We will be the support that surrounds you and walks with you during your journey. We will help you find the answers and help pave the road forward. We believe in empowering you with knowledge so that you make an informed decision and weigh all your available options. Together we will forge ahead. You are not alone.