Ultrasounds are excellent tools medical professionals use to see the health and status of a pregnancy. Images are produced from high-frequency sound waves that echo back off the observed area and are interpreted into images on a screen. Ultrasounds have been used for over 60 years, are considered very safe, and are a gold standard for pregnancy imaging.

When Should I Get An Ultrasound? 

If you receive a positive result on a pregnancy test, your next step should be an ultrasound. An ultrasound is a tool used to help confirm pregnancy alongside a positive pregnancy test. We will be here to guide you through the process and provide you with the support and care you deserve along the way! 

Why Is An Ultrasound Important? 

An ultrasound can help medical professionals understand critical information about pregnancy, such as gestational age and viability. Ultrasounds also help to determine if a pregnancy is located within the uterus. If a pregnancy is ectopic (outside the uterus), it can pose a serious risk to the woman’s health and safety. Lastly, ultrasounds help women understand all their options and plan their next step. 

Where Can I Go For A Free Ultrasound?

Here at Foundations Resource Center, we provide ultrasounds that are free, confidential, and available to you at your convenience.

We Are Here For You

If you wish, we welcome you to invite a support person with you for your ultrasound appointment. Whether you have someone you want to bring or not, know you are never alone. Here at Foundations, we are honored to walk this journey with you and be there with you from the moment you walk through our doors. Contact us today for your no-cost appointment to help you gain the answers you seek while feeling the support you deserve.